Release Notes
[+] : Added feature
[-] : Bug fix

V 1.47 Build 993 - Jan 30, 2018

[+] License types updated. Added Professional that incl. SFTP service.
[+] Code optimization of FTP service.
[+] FTP/SFTP sends 'Too many connections' to legitimate connection attempts if domain or license connection limit exceeded.
[-] Occasional FTPS upload stall problem.
[-] More details in error message of SSL certificate and SSH key generation.
[-] TSRMC incorrect input alert 'User is required'.

V 1.46 Build 987 - Jan 21, 2018

[+] Optimizations to significantly improve SSH/SFTP service performance and reduce its memory consumption.
[+] Optimizations to improve HTTP/S service performance.
[+] Import button in Users page to import user list in CSV format.
[+] Domain SSH log contents changed to show actions more concisely and client IP added to each log entry.
[-] ECDSA key doesn't show fingerprint after created on server.
[-] Invalid log writing causes program error when retarting domain.
[-] Error handling some SSH/SFTP clients sending more data with MSG_IGNORE.

V 1.43 Build 963 - Dec 20, 2017

[+] Added ECDSA Key type in SSH Key Generation Wizard.
[+] ECDH kex support.
[+] 'Ban file types' option (domain and user level) can be switched to 'Only allow' file types.
[-] Putty (thus incl. Filezilla etc) sftp read size causes download to fail.
[-] Tectia File Transfer Client connection and upload issues.

V 1.42 Build 950 - March 2, 2017

[+] Added SSH public key authentication option for Active Directory with SSH public key user attribute.
[+] Added domain option to force SSL client certificate authentication for HTTPS and FTPS.

V 1.40 Build 938 - Jan 31, 2017

[+] Domain performance graph re-written and simplified.

V 1.40 Build 936 - Dec 15, 2016

[-] A progressive memory leak problem and its negative impact on performance.
[-] HTTP range handling problem.
[-] HTTP Web UI file move/copy source folder permissions not observed.

V 1.40 Build 927 - Nov 17, 2016

[+] Added SCP support(available in Business+SSH and Corporate licenses).
[+] HTTP/S Web UI revamped and is now responsive and mobile ready.
[+] HTTP/S Web UI added Move, Copy functions.
[+] HTTP/S Web UI added context menu for Remove, Delete, Rename, Copy.
[+] HTTP/S Web UI added upload dialog to allow multiple simultaneous uploads and show progress.
[-] A connection management problem causes memory consumption grows over time unnecessarily.
[-] Incorrect connected user count shows on server status page if servicing HTTP/S.
[-] Download and upload speeds on server status page not updated when there is no connection.
[-] HTTP access log sc-bytes length not correct.

V 1.30 Build 921 - Oct 27, 2016

[+] Added option to use user home directory specified in Active Directory.
[-] Issue handling client SSH re-keying.
[-] Occasional error decrpyting stored passwords.
[-] HTTP/S web UI login button stayed grey even if login failed.
[-] HTTP/S login password not url decoded.
[-] Error handling empty referer in HTTP request.
[-] HTTP/FTP access logs are not being generated.

V 1.30 Build 912 - Sept 25, 2016

[+] Added support to import PKCS #7, PKCS #8, PKCS #12 SSL certificate/key formats (i.e. with extensions of .p12,.pfx,.p7b, etc), as well as DER format certificates/keys in addition to PEM format.
[-] Renaming SSL certificate doesn't rename key files.

V 1.30 Build 908 - Dec 8, 2014

[-] Replace SHA-1 with SAH-256 when generating SSL certificate or CSR.
[-] Disable SSLv2 and SSLv3 for FTPS and HTTPS connection (avoid the SSLv3 protocol POODLE vulnerability).

V 1.30 Build 902 - Dec 03, 2014

[+] Added support for CTR mode AES ciphers.
[-] Problem populating user list when authenticate with AD.
[-] Problem loading SSH keys created by itself.
[-] Memory corruption when switching SSH keys.
[-] Resource leak when restarting domains.

V 1.30 Build 892 - April 12, 2014

[-] OpenSSL module upgraded to 1.0.1g which fixed the heartbleed flaw.

V 1.30 Build 890 - Jan 20, 2013

[+] Upgraded OpenSSL library to 1.0.1e.
[+] Revamped HTTP/S webui, added rename, delete and create folder functions.
[-] A coding error that might potentially cause SSL runtime problem.
[-] HTTP/S module buffer problem handling keep-alive requests.
[-] HTTP/S upload fails if folder path contains whitespaces.

V 1.30 Build 880 - Dec 22, 2013

[+] Generate file access log for FTP and SFTP, where all major file access operations can be reviewed in file_log.log.
[-] HTTP/S service internal authentication problem.

V 1.30 Build 868 - Oct 1, 2013

[+] Now use PBKDF2 for password hashes stored for credential verification.
[+] Server up time now indicates number of days.
[-] 'Bad server message received' shows up in TSRMC for connected server which is not the first one in the server group.
[-] Problem retrieving user list in some scenarios in Active Directory authentication.
[-] Button in Add User Wizard to browse for home folder is grayed out if the server is a remote server.

V 1.30 Build 865 - Sept 5, 2013

[+] Show alert on TSRMC service tree if failed to populate users with external authentication service.
[-] Handles of directories opened for listing not closed properly.
[-] Vfolders' physical path not saved to configuration file correctly.
[-] Vfolders shown in invalid names in response to NLST command.

V 1.30 Build 860 - June 28, 2013

[+] Active Directory or LDAP user list now shown in a hierachical structure.
[+] Active Directory authentication now allows to use SAM account name to log in (default).
[-] LDAP authentication causes runtime exception.
[-] TSRMC domain authentication page Restore button doesn't restore the sub-dialog for original authentication method.

V 1.30 Build 850 - May 28, 2013

[-] Problem starting service daemon on system with more than 8 processor cores.
[-] Domain Authentication page configuration fields disappear on Enter.

V 1.30 Build 840 - April 16, 2013

[-] Active Directory authentication allows empty password.
[-] SQL error related to ODBC authen not shown correctly in log.

V 1.30 Build 838 - Dec 24, 2012

[-] Active Directory authentication not working with HTTP/S.

V 1.30 Build 835 - Nov 28, 2012

[-] Fixed a problem in SFTP causing Putty/Filezilla/WinSCP client upload to fail.

V 1.30 Build 832 - Nov 21, 2012

[+] Added support for logon using UPN (User Principal Name) when using Active Directory authentication.
[+] TSRMC Active Directory authentication test dialog added capability to test login with non-DN identifier.

V 1.30 Build 826 - Oct 10, 2012

[+] Installer now signed by our code signing certificate.
[+] Added 'Password Salt Field Name' in ODBC Authentication page to use PBKDF2 drieved key in place of real password.
[-] A buffer overflow problem in handling an ftp command.

V 1.30 Build 823 - June 28, 2012

[-] Fixed download issues with some of the latest versions of web browsers.
[-] HTTP/S web UI shows corrupted upload time at upload complete.
[-] In HTTPS web UI upload if pressing the upload button while upload file path not filled service will crash.

V 1.30 Build 820 - June 4, 2012

[+] Added toolbar buttons for menus Local Service Manager and Add to Windows Firewall exception list.
[+] SSL certificate creation wizard can now generate certificate signing request (CSR).
[+] Added timezone information in server log.
[-] A stack overflow problem when socket write problem occurred.
[-] A potential buffer overflow problem when ftp client request is too long.
[-] Problem of impersonation for using a network share as domain root.
[-] Impersonation not working in SFTP.
[-] TSRMC crashes when Activity page shows excessive parameter string.
[-] FTP request log entry might be mixed with another request and server to client bytes count is not correct.
[-] In Command Log Format timezone information is not correct.
[-] Logged download transferred bytes not correct.

V 1.30 Build 815 - May 3, 2012

[-] Problem of SFTP download stalling at the end.

V 1.30 Build 812 - Mar 22, 2012

[-] 'Bad message' error message from server when importing SSL certificate.
[-] Shorter idle and connection timeouts interrupt lengthy operation like XMD5, XSHA1 in FTP.
[-] Connection timeout and idle timeout might interrupt SFTP and HTTP file transfer and fetching remote listing.
[-] Log rotating with invalid log file path can crash the service.
[-] Speed throttling causes FTP/HTTP file upload corrupted.
[-] HTTP service causes false error in FTP: 'Too many users connected (x). Try again later'.

V 1.30 Build 803 - April 8, 2011

[-] HTTP service disabled IE friendly error message.
[-] Domain service status sometimes missing.
[-] Upload resume not working in FTP and SFTP.
[-] When browsing remote file system in management console, a drive root can't be populated under some builds of Windows.
[-] In HTTP/S if 'Lock user in home directory' selected, browsing will get unexpected 403 error.
[-] In HTTP/S no file read access of a folder incorrectly causes it not able to be viewed.

V 1.30 Build 800 - Feb 6, 2011

[-] SSL certificate created with issuer info missing.
[-] Sometimes a portion at the end of uploaded file is missing in SSL.
[-] Problem disabling subdirectory inheritance of a folder.
[-] Concept of directory permission inheritance not clarified: All directories by default enable inheritance of permission rules by their subdirectories unless the 'Subdirectories inherit permissions' option explicitly disabled.

V 1.30 Build 795 - Jan 30, 2011

[+] TSRMC server status page now shows status of all domain services.
[+] Added SSH key and SSL certificate manager pages, where SSH keys and SSL certificates can be imported, created and modified.
[+] Remote folders (in remote path selection and Dir Access) can now be browsed in remote administration.
[+] Added support of DSA algorithm and comment in SSH Key Creation Wizard.
[+] Support of SSH private key ciphers now covers DES, Triple-DES, Blowfish, CAST5, IDEA, RC2, RC4.
[+] Connection dialog now remembers the last login name and allows to delete stored login credentials by pressing OK with 'Remember password' checkbox cleared.
[-] A false deinitialization in SSH module causes SSL certificate loading to fail when a domain is restarted.
[-] A certain error of generating SSL certificate cause memory leaks.
[-] Failure of loading SSL certificate for remote admin causes memory leaks.
[-] Expiration date in generated SSL certificate not set.
[-] Restarting local or remote admin service incorrectly disables server logging.
[-] Domain -> Connection tab hides options incorrectly when switching between servers of different license types.

V 1.20 Build 780 - November 27, 2010

[+] Improved delivery of huge remote listings.
[+] TSRMC added shortcut menu to open local configuration file (tbssvc.ini).
[-] Problem of handling vendor specific request of some SFTP clients (e.g. FileZilla).
[-] Admin profile can be removed when the admin has logged in.
[-] Problem of renaming virtual folder.
[-] SSL certificate serial number problem.

V 1.20 Build 748 - Aug 17, 2010

[-] Fixed issues related to multi-byte character file path/names in SFTP.

V 1.20 Build 745 - June 01, 2010

[+] 64-bit version (x64) released.
[+] TSRMC now detects if it runs with administrator privileges and shows warning if not.
[-] In 32-bit version TSRMC Connection Dialog doesn't remember login credentials when running on 64-bit Windows.
[-] In HTTP requesting zero length file results in connection reset.