FTP Sync Service

A) You need to have administrator privilege to install the Sync Service module as NT service.

A) You can view the schedule task reports in the Task Scheduler dialog. Use button "Scheduler Log" to view global schedule log showing the startup and termination of all tasks; use button "Task Log" to see full raw log of the individual schedule task currently selected in the Scheduler. If you are running Sync Service as NT service, the global schedule log is also dumped to NT event log. You can also have a notification email sent to you upon completion of each schedule task (menu [Tools | Email Notification]).

A) First make sure [Options | General | Store program settings in turboftp.ini] is checked. See the NT event log to verify whether the NT service is started. And then check in event log whether the individual schedule task is subsequently started, if no try restarting the service and reenabling the scheduler (these can be done in the scheduler dialog).

If all the above are true, check the individual task log. To do so, open up the Task Scheduler dialog, highlight the task in question, and press the button 'Task Log' which brings up the log of this task. Look for the log entries whose timestamp matches the time the task is set up to run so that you are viewing the correct log contents. Please forward us (support@turboftp.com) the log and it will help us to look into the problem.